What we do ⋆ Jaxelle Photography

- Why we are selling on different platforms -


Selling photos is a completely new topic for us. So we have to try these different platforms for ourselves. For example, there is much struggle at the moment with Shutterstock, because they don't like our photos. We are more please with Adobe Stock or 500px for now. Our photos at iStock are still in inspection. We hope we could make this clear. :)

- What is our goal - 


Our goal is to earn money amongst other things by selling our photos and videos, to travel to New York  and buy new camera equipment.

- Overview of license types -


Pictures are expensive at first glance on 500px, but:

  • a web ready picture only costs 29€
  • you can use it as long as you want, can edit it and use it for commercial purposes
  • a print ready picture costs 129€, but the resulution is perfect for printing
  • there is an "Unlimited Print"-License for printing more than 500.000 copies for 259€
  • there are some more licenses, so you do not have to worry about legal issues

Read more at Commercial Licensing Agreement

Adobe Stock

A standard license starts at 9,99€ and restricts you to maximum 500.000 print or digital copies and you may not print this picture on products for sale eg. t-shirts or posters


With the extended license (59,99€), you are not restricted, so you can sell products with this photo or print more than 500.000 copies.

See more:

Adobe license terms

Adobe Stock Additional Terms

Adobe Enterprising Licensing Terms 2016


We do not use PayPal for licensing our photos at the moment, but when you like what you see, you can send us a bit of pocket money.


Our PayPal donation link

 - Equipment -


  • Nikon D3200 (need more lenses)
  • Samsung WB7500 (not really high-quality, but can zoom really far)


  • Photoshop (for editing purposes)
  • Image Composite Editor (for creating awesome panoramas)