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Selling photos is a completely new topic for us. So we have to try these different platforms for ourselves. For example, there is much struggle at the moment with Shutterstock, because they don't like our photos. We are more please with Adobe Stock or 500px for now. Our photos at iStock are still in inspection. We hope we could make this clear. :)


Worldwide available for everybody.


Photos are proven by hardest criterias.


Everytime there for you. Just text us.

Our goal is to earn money amongst other things by selling our photos and videos, to travel to New York and buy new camera equipment.


Photographer, Blogger, Nail Artist

Seeking for new trends, taking awesome pictures and just looking good.



Photographer, Ideas producer

Produces some of the best ideas, gives the best advises and is a very good designer.



Manager, Photographer

Programmes this whole website, takes some good photos, manages all to be here.


The newest from the news.

It’s long ago

It’s long time ago since we’ve published our last images, but now there are some new ones you can find at the “Pictures” page. We will try to upload more soon. Have a great evening! Read more…

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